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Pre Marital Investigation
Detective agency before marriage investigation

Best Detectives for Matrimonial Investigation of Brides and Bridegrooms

Background Check Before Marriage Investigation

Chrome Intelligence being a top notch detective agency, conducts a thorough and comprehensive investigation before you or your wards get into an arranged marriage / alliance. We have agents in every major city in India & other countries where NRI’s reside in large numbers such as UK, US, Canada, Australia, UAE & other Gulf Countries. Once the case is assigned to us, we can guarantee that you will receive the most competitive rates along with an exceptional level of service with detailed feedback reports, 24 hours on-call numbers.

Why Background Verification Before a Marriage

Dont Get Trapped in a Marriage
You are probably reading this because you have already made up your mind about a background check. But if you are still in two minds let us make it clear for you. If Companies can conduct detailed background verification of an employee before they hire him for a job from which they can be fired anytime, shouldn’t you do the same for someone who you are embracing into your inner circle for the rest of your life and whom you cannot fire so easily? In an Internet world where most traditional Indian marriages are arranged and solemnized through matrimonial websites, one can never be too sure of the background of the bride / bridegroom and what she / he claims. What looks shiny, promising and glittering on the surface may hide a web of deceit and illusions underneath.

'Trapped in a Marriage' is a common term used in everyday language because it is indeed easy to get trapped into a marriage out of which one cannot easily escape because of societal norms, laws and the stigma associated with divorce and breakups in Indian society. It is therefore best to get a full and discreet report before the marriage and rest easy with the knowledge that you or your daughter / son is entering into a long term relationship with a sincere, truthful and honest human being.
Marriage being one of the key moments and chief decisions of an individual’s life, it is of prime importance that one knows all personal, professional, family and financial details of the incumbent marriage partner and his / her family to prevent any regrets or mental and physical pain in the future. Chrome Intelligence & Detective offers you an array of Pre-Marital Investigations and Background Verification Services that will uncover the real truth about a person’s educational, professional and personal history.

Chrome Intelligence & Detective Guarantee – Confidential & Discreet

We understand the very essence of pre marital investigations i.e. Secrecy. Our private investigators follow stringent norms and have thousands of hours of experience in conducting undercover investigations behind them and report and present only the most precise and detailed facts about a case. Our investigations are conducted with the utmost of care and discretion so as not to allow even the faintest possible doubt in the other family’s mind that they are being investigated. Our skilled field agents will also provide video and photographic evidence wherever possible.

We provide the following reports for background checks of every prospective bride / bridegroom:


*Plus any other requested information that the client may desire such as whether claims of the other party owning property, real estate or other investments are true or false.

A Word of Caution: Please remember that a pre marital background check is a very sensitive matter and must be treated with the utmost of caution and discretion. Do not try to save a few thousand rupees by hiring cheap investigators. A shoddy investigation that leaks out may ruin your family's reputation apart from damaging the prospects of an impending marriage. Also please be warned that unscrupulous unqualified detectives are known to even blackmail clients and extort money and do not have the resources nor the technical expertise to dig deep and find out the real truth. In this business trust is paramount and our name is synonymous with trust and respect. Contact us on the number below and look no further!
To discuss a particular case or our services, please contact us: Kolkata Head Office: +91 7044471111  

Pre-Marital Investigation

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