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Best Surveillance Detectives in kolkata

What is Covert Surveillance
Covert Surveillance or Hidden Surveillance is Surveillance in which the surveillance is not intended to be known to the person under surveillance. Covert wire taps, hidden cameras, cell phone intercepts, and unauthorized snooping are examples of covert surveillance. Most covert surveillance is unlawful in India and requires special permission such as a warrant, or other ‘just cause’ for its execution. The definition for ‘just cause’ varies greatly and it is advisable to call us and consult us to find out the reason that you would like to conduct Covert Surveillance on a person.

Covert Surveillance is commonly used in law enforcement, espionage, and unlawful activities by criminals and the underworld. It is also known to be conducted by several business organisations on their rivals. The jargon term ‘black’ is sometimes used to refer to covert operations, the deeper the black, the more secret it is! Some aspects of covert surveillance in retailing or the workplace are currently lawful, but are being challenged by privacy advocates who feel that prior notice of surveillance activities and clear identification of surveillance devices should be mandated by law.


• according to the physical nature of the technology itself (infrared, X-ray, visual, etc.),
• according to the type of data derived (visual, aural, digital, etc.), or
• according to the nature of the surveillance with respect to the awareness of the person being surveilled.

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